We aim:

  • To raise Liberal women’s awareness of their political rights and responsibilities.
  • To expand the participation of liberal women in politics at local, national and international levels and within liberal parties world-wide.
  • To strengthen relationships and exchange information between Liberal women world-wide.
  • To encourage liberal women to promote the values of liberalism and the spread of liberal ideas world-wide: individual freedom, human rights, the rule of law, tolerance, equality of opportunity, social justice, free trade and market economy.
  • To advance the empowermwnt of all women world-wide.
  • The INLW business is conducted by a Board of Management.

    We campaign:

    In support of all women liberals world-wide, who are seeking decision-making positions in local, national and international, political, judicial and NGO organizations.

    To eliminate all practices and laws which impede women’s hopes of a full life, such as:

  • damage and physical constraints imposed by religious and civic customs
  • denial of equal access to education, employment and property
  • discriminatory laws iconcerning marriage and parental rights
  • We act:

    To get liberal political parties world-wide to include and express women’s views on all issues.

    We run a General Meeting at Liberal International Congresses and a Regional Management Board Meeting in connection with Liberal International Executive Committee meetings.

    We canvass and publicise member’s views and support their local campaigns.

    We put resolutions to Liberal International.

    We draw attention to women fighters for freedom and to the achievements of women Liberals.

    We send representatives to the UN Conferences as an NGO with Special Consultative Status: i.e. to the UN ECOSOC Commission on the Status of Women, to the UN DPI/NGO Conferences, to tha Human Rights Council etc.