The Liberal International President, Dr Hakima el Haité, has shared the following message which we like to share with you all:

Today Hans van Baalen president of ALDE Party has passed away leaving behind a colossal legacy, hailed by the entire liberal political class.

A man who has dedicated his life to defending multilateralism, the union of Europe, human rights, states grounded in rights and based on equality.

He was more than a liberal politician, a righteous, inherently good man, a talented mediator who travelled the world to make his contribution to the building of peace.

He served in good health and continued to serve until the day before his death.
He died as a soldier.

So for me, for his little family, for his big liberal family, for his friends he will not die, he will live through our memories, through history and through our battles, to lay the foundations for a better world, the one Hans van Baalen dreamed of and the one for which we will continue to fight.

Today the Liberals have lost a leader.

We always had a strong supporter in Hans van Baalen for our organization and will miss him dearly. As you can see we met regularly all over the world with Hans van Baalen. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family, and to the entire liberal world.