Dakar, Senegal, 28 November 2018

Andorra, 18 May 2017

Mexico City 29 October 2015

Rotterdam 24-27 April 2014

Abidjan October 2012

Manila June 2011
Congress Theme: Human Rights and Trade

Cairo October 2009
Congress Theme: Ending impunity in Burma

Belfast 15-17 May 2008
Congress Theme: Our Shared Future

Marrakech 9-11 November 2006
Congress Theme: Democracy and Development

Sofia 12-14 May 2005
Congress Theme: Freedom and Security

Dakar 23-25 October 2003
Congress Theme: “Islam and the West, a liberal view”

Budapest 21-23 March 2002
Congress Theme: Good Governance- a liberal view

Ottawa 26 October 2000
Congress Theme: Free Trade at the Millennium

Brussels 3-5 March 1999
Congress Theme: Globalisation and the Future of the Nation-State

Oxford 27 November 1997
Election of the first Management Board
Discussion of a draft constitution

Since 1990 International Network of Liberal Women operated as an informal network of liberal women following the application for affiliation to Liberal International (LI) the Executive Committee at its meeting of 26 November 1997 decided to grant INLW observer status.