INLW (International Network of Liberal Women) is een wereldwijd netwerk dat vanuit liberale uitganspunten met name de positie van vrouwen ondersteunt.

INLW zet zich in voor de verbetering en verandering van de rechten van vrouwen en meisjes.

INLW wil meer deelname van liberale vrouwen in de lokale, nationale en internationale politiek.

INLW voert campagne om wetten aan te passen en dagelijkse praktijken op te heffen die vrouwen belemmeren zich te ontwikkelen, onderwijs te volgen, te werken, eigen economische zelfstandigheid te verkrijgen, verbod op eigendom van bezit, verplichte huwelijken en onderwerping aan ouderlijk gezag.

INLW is lid van Liberal International tevens heeft INLW een adviesbevoegdheid richting CSW (Commission on the status of Women) een commissie ingesteld door de VN betreffende vrouwenzaken. INLW organiseert bijeenkomsten tijdens het congres van Liberal International, tijdens CSW en in landen waar liberale partijen actief zijn.

U kunt INLW steunen door lid te worden van ons internationale netwerk; INLW heeft in sommige landen ook een lokale afdeling (Chapter).

In Nederland staat dit Chapter onder voorzitterschap van:
H.E. (Lysbeth) van Valkenburg-Lely,

INLW dinner Rotterdam in club house “De Maas” 2023

On Tuesday evening, August 29, 2023, the annual dinner of LVN and INLW took place in Rotterdam. It was another animated evening. This time we had as our guests, Minister for Foreign Trade, Liesje Schreinemacher andGroup Leader in the European Parliament, Malik Azmani. It was a packed room with more than 40 ladies and a […]

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Bonn Climate Conference June 2022

The Bonn Climate Conference (SB56) 6-16 June 2022 is to express purpose of beginning to take stock of where the world stands when it comes to implementing the Paris Climate Change Agreement. We are in the midst of a climate emergency, which is causing human rights violations, destroying ecosystems and biodiversity, and drastically increasing inequality […]

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Women’s Rights beyond Gender Neutrality: in Words and in Action

Committee on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) about the shadow report “Women’s Rights beyond Neutrality: in Words and in Action” The report reflects the concerns and questions of civil society regarding women’s rights in the Netherlands. You can find the full report on the website of the Dutch CEDAW-Network: Shadow report 2021 | […]

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Network dinner with our former State Minister of Migration Mark Harbers and Euro Parliamentarian Caroline Nagtegaal!

The International Network of Liberal women and the Liberal Women Netwerk enjoyed a well-attended dinner on September 2nd, 2019 in Rotterdam. Guest speakers were VVD member of Parliament Mark Harbers, he has just returned as a representative to Parliament after resigning from his post as Minister of Migration and ALDE Member of the European Parliament, […]

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Shadow Report by Dutch CEDAW Network

Members of INLW Netherlands Chapter participated in writing the so-called “NGO shadow report concerning the NL Government report to the CEDAW Committee. INLW was a co-signer of the NGO Shadow report   This shadow report has been compiled on behalf of the Dutch CEDAW Network by a team consisting of some NGOs and independent women’s […]

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Thematic International Network of the VVD and INLW

The Liberal International Human Rights Committee met inThe Hague during an event organized by the Thematic International Network of the VVD and INLW.             Chairman of Liberal International Human Rights Committee (LI HRC), Mr. Markus Loening gave us some up-dates and insight in the work of the Human Rights committee. […]

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Women in the city council are much needed

On the 25th of March the Dutch Liberal Women’s Network organised a speed-dating event to inspire women to apply for the municipal elections in March 2018. Over 35 women and one gentleman, some members of VVD and some just interested persons made the acquaintance of several VVD politicians. The municipal elections next year in March […]

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Declaration on Peace and Cessation of War

As you know, INLW’s President was asked by the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) to participate at a Conference in September in Seoul, South Korea. As President of INLW Margaret de Vos represented INLW at different events. The aim of this enormous Conference was to advocate the Declaration on Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) […]

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