INLW (International Network of Liberal Women) is an association of women from countries worldwide who support the Liberal principles.

We aim to improve women’s awareness of their political rights and responsibilities.

We advance participation of liberal women in politics at local, national and international levels and within liberal parties worldwide.

We campaign: to eliminate all practices and laws which impede women’s hopes of a full life; to equal access to education; for employment and property, and against discriminatory marriage and parental rights laws.

INLW is a member of Liberal International. We send representatives to the UN Conferences as NGO with Special Consultative Status: i.e. to the UN ECOSOC Commission on the Status of Women, to the UN Human Rights Council and UN DPI/NGO Conferences etc.

INLW organizes meetings during the Congresses of Liberal International and during CSW and in other countries where liberal parties are active.

You can support INLW by becoming a member. Some countries have local Chapters.

The Netherlands
In the Netherlands the Dutch Chapter’s president is:
H.E. (Lysbeth) van Valkenburg-Lely,

Launching of the INLW Asia-Pacific Chapter in Taichung, Taiwan on July 12th 2018

On July 12th 2018 a Press Conference and meeting was held in Taichung Town Hall in Taiwan announcing the Launching of a new INLW Chapter. This Asia-Pacific Chapter is to be established in the new Taichung development of International NGO Centre. INLW President Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk and LI President Juli Minoves were invited […]

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Shadow Report by Dutch CEDAW Network

Members of INLW Netherlands Chapter participated in writing the so-called “NGO shadow report concerning the NL Government report to the CEDAW Committee. INLW was a co-signer of the NGO Shadow report   This shadow report has been compiled on behalf of the Dutch CEDAW Network by a team consisting of some NGOs and independent women’s […]

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Training workshop Report on the values of liberalism and citizenship

The International Network of Liberal Women- Chapter Morocco is a Network based on the very principles of liberalism; (Freedom, justice, equal citizenship and individual representation of the human being). Its approach reconciles essentially the individual with his environment in order to build a social peace, in accordance with the universally recognized principles in the field […]

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Thematic International Network of the VVD and INLW

The Liberal International Human Rights Committee met inThe Hague during an event organized by the Thematic International Network of the VVD and INLW.             Chairman of Liberal International Human Rights Committee (LI HRC), Mr. Markus Loening gave us some up-dates and insight in the work of the Human Rights committee. […]

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Women in the city council are much needed

On the 25th of March the Dutch Liberal Women’s Network organised a speed-dating event to inspire women to apply for the municipal elections in March 2018. Over 35 women and one gentleman, some members of VVD and some just interested persons made the acquaintance of several VVD politicians. The municipal elections next year in March […]

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Declaration on Peace and Cessation of War

As you know, INLW’s President was asked by the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) to participate at a Conference in September in Seoul, South Korea. As President of INLW Margaret de Vos represented INLW at different events. The aim of this enormous Conference was to advocate the Declaration on Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) […]

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Nieuwsbrief maart 2015 (Dutch)

In de nieuwsbrief kunt u lezen over de activiteiten van INLW in het afgelopen jaar. U kunt de nieuwsbrief hier lezen.

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24 april LVN Netwerk borrel in Rotterdam (Dutch)

INLW organiseert “MEET and GREET Drinks” op donderdagavond  24 april om 20.30 uur in Café Restaurant Floor, Schouwburgplein 28 te Rotterdam. Restaurant Floor ligt naast de Doelen, onder één dak met de Schouwburg en op loopafstand van station Rotterdam Centraal. Dit ter gelegenheid van het Liberal International Congress (LI congress), dat van donderdag 24 tot zondag 27 april 2014 gehouden wordt in de […]

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