As amended and adopted by the International Network of Liberal Women General Meeting in Cairo, October 2009.

The International Network of Liberal Women (hereafter referred to as INLW).

INLW is an association of women from countries world-wide who support the principles of liberalism and seek to help liberal women to play an active part in politics at local, national and international levels.
INLW is a member of Liberal International which enables it to send delegates to Congress and representatives to the Liberal International Executive.

1.1     To raise liberal women’s awareness of their political rights and responsibilities.
1.2     To expand the participation of liberal women in politics at local, national and international level, and within Liberal parties world-wide.
1.3     To strengthen relationships and exchange information between liberal women world-wide.
1.4     To encourage liberal women to promote the values of liberalism and the spreaof liberal ideas world-wide.
1.5     To encourage the empowerment of all women in all situations while participating actively within the framework of the United Nations as a member with special consultative status of ECOSOC.

2.1     Membership is open to all women and men of liberal parties, groups and organisations and to individual women and men who support INLW aims.
2.2     Membership is open to liberal parties, groups and organisations.
2.3     INLW also welcomes observers at its General Meetings.
2.4     Only paying members have the right to vote.
2.5     The subscription rate for membership is recommended by the INLW Management Board and subject to review and approval at each General Meeting (Hereafter referred to as the  GM).
2.6     Membership Application Forms are available at the GM and on request to the INLW Secretary General.

3.1     Decisions regarding INLW Constitution, conditions of membership, subscription rates, resolutions submitted to Liberal International, fund raising and programme of future work are taken by those members who are present at the General Meeting.
3.2     The GM also receives reviews from officers: President, Secretary General and Treasurer. The GM is held in conjunction with the Liberal International Congress.

4.1     In between the General Meetings, INLW business is conducted by a Management Board comprising: President, the immediate past President, Deputy President, up to six Vice  Presidents, one from each region, Secretary General, Vice Secretary General, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer, Deputy Assistant and two members, up to a maximum of fourteen members. All members of INLW are eligible to stand for these offices.
4.2     Members of the Management Board are elected to serve for a term of three years and  are eligible  for re-election. No officer shall serve for more than 2 consecutive terms of 3 years each, unless no other candidate has been proposed for this office.
Each Board member can also be eligible for another office for a term of three years and  is eligible for re-election. This Board member is not eligible for more than 2 consecutive terms of three years each in that office, unless no other candidate has been proposed.
4.3     The Management Board oversees implementation of INLW activities as agreed at the GM, receives and proposes resolutions for the forthcoming GM and develops with members help proposals for future activities.
4.4     The Management Board may invite experts to join them temporarily as advisers.
4.5     The Management Board can receive advice from the consultative Committee, whose members are appointed by the Management Board to carry our reports and specific duties.

5.1     The President or in her absence the Deputy President, is responsible for running the GM and meetings of the Management Board, overseeing INLW activities in the interim between General Meeting and representing INLW to LI elsewhere.
She delivers a report to the GM, which includes Management Board supported  resolutions and proposals for future activities. The Immediate Past President, helps and advises the President especially and the Board in general on INLW issues seen the past experience that the Past President has.
5.2     The Vice Presidents are responsible for running the GM and overseeing INLW activities  in their regions in the temporary absence or incapacity of the President.
The Vice Presidents are instrumental in bringing regional matters on the agenda of INLW.
5.3     The Secretary General is responsible for the minutes of General Meetings and Management Board Meetings, for maintaining membership records and overseeing printing and publication of INLW literature and for ensuring supplies of INLW stationary and publications.
The Vice Secretary General stands in for the Secretary General in the various tasks in case of short or longer absence or incapacity of the Secretary General and participates actively in other business of the Board.
5.4     The treasurer is responsible for maintaining INLW accounts, for banking INLW funds including subscriptions, for the administration of fund raising activities including collecting subscriptions and for presenting the accounts to the GM.
The Vice Treasurer stands in for the Treasurer in the various tasks in case of short or longer absence or incapacity and participates in other business of the Board.
5.5     Responsibilities for productions of INLW materials and publications, are to be allocated between members of the Management Board.

6.1      Voting on constitutional changes, resolutions and the subscription level is by a show of hands of those present at the GM, subject to a count in the absence of a clear outcome.
6.2      Voting for members of Management Board is by completion of voting form by all INLW members attending the GM.
6.3      Nominations for all offices are sought in advance of the GM and are printed on the voting form.
6.4      A candidate is deemed to be elected if she receives 50% plus one of the votes. If there is no clear majority, the two candidates who have received the highest number of votes are subject to a second ballot.

In addition to holding a General Meeting the INLW may:
7.1     Install and run an INLW website and contribute articles to the International Liberal Magazine.
7.2     Prepare and present Statements and Resolutions at different relevant forums.
7.3     Set up ad hoc Working Parties to study issues and advise the membership and Liberal International on implications of policy.
7.4     Campaign worldwide, regionally and locally and within Liberal International, on issues of  policy as agreed at the GM.

8.1     The Management Board seeks to involve INLW members in the host country to help in the organisation of the GM.

Funding for INLW central activities are raised by:
9.1     Membership subscriptions.
9.2     Ad hoc grants and appeals and fund raising activities.
9.3     Support, financial and in kind, from LI headquarters and national parties.

10.1    Members may resign from INLW at any time by informing the Secretary General.
10.2    Management Board members who wish to resign before the end of their term of office are required to give two months notice to permit finding new nominations for the next GM.
10.3    Management Board and ordinary members may be dismissed if found guilty of illegal activities or conduct detrimental to the promotion of INLW aims.
10.4    Dismissal may be recommended by the Management Board, who may decide on temporary suspensions, but dismissal is subject to agreement by members attending the GM.

INLW may be dissolved:
11.1    On a resolution supported by two thirds of the members entitled to vote (2.4).
11.2    If it is unable to continue funding a basic level of activity.
11.3    In the event of dissolution, any remaining funds revert to Liberal International general funds with a recommendation that they be used to assist Liberal International women members.