Barcelona 9 April 2016

The Hague 15 September 2013

Beiroet 13-14 April 2013

Abidjan October 2012

Barcelona 29 March 2012

London 14 October 2011

Manila 17 June 2011

Barcelona 22 January 2011

Cape Town 13 November 2010

Berlin 11 June 2010

Barcelona 21 November 2009

El Cairo 29 October 2009

Vancouver 30 April 2009

Strasbourg 25 January 2009

Hamburg 11 November 2007

Cancun 30 April 2007

Barcelona 26, 27 January 2007

Manila 21 June 2006

Mallorca 4 November 2005

San José 6 November 2004

Kaohsiung 5 March 2004

Dakar 25 October 2003

Casablanca 29 March 2003

Gibraltar 27 September 2002

Budapest 23 March 2002

Copenhagen 10 November 2001

Andorra la Vella 9 February 2001

Barcelona 8 and 12 February 2001

Ottawa 26 October 2000

Taipei 21 February 2000
– INLW resolutions submitted and adopted by the  L.I. Executive Committee on 19 February 2000.

Managua 4 September 1999

Brussels 2 March 1999


INLW Board meeting at New York at 16th March 2019

In this new year the Board met in New York in preparation of several events that we are organizing this year and to hear the plans of our new President, Jayanthi Devi Balaguru. She was happy to welcome our new Board members. Many thanks were given to Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk-Groeneveld (Past-President) for all […]

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Dakar General Meeting, Wednesday 28th November 2018

During the General Meeting in Dakar, Senegal, the election and appointment took place of several (new) members of the INLW Board. The Board has also decided to install a Consultative Committee, acoording to art. 4.5 of the INLW Constitution. Several members were present during the GM. There was a warm welcome for the New President, […]

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INLW Board meeting at Barcelona at 13th January 2018

In this new year the Board met at Barcelona in preparation of several events that we are organizing this coming year. Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk-Groeneveld (President), Mireia Huerta Sala (Secretary), Lysbeth van Valkenburg-Lely (Treasurer), Marianne Kallen-Morren (Vice President), Ruth Richardson (Member) and Joaquima Alemany Roca (Past President) were present. One of the decisions that […]

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Board Meeting INLW in Andorra 17th May 2017

Andorra, 17 May 2017 INLW Board held a meeting with the members that were present for the 70th Congress of LIberal International. Mireia Huerta, Secretary, Silvia Flury member of INLW, Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk, President, Khadija El Morabit, vice-president Mena region, Joaquima Alemany, past president, Maysing Yang, vice-president Asia, Lysbeth van Valkenburg, Treasurer and […]

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INLW board meeting in Barcelona

The first INLW Board Meeting since the Mexico GM with many new Board members took place in Barcelona from 8-11 April 2016. On Friday the Barcelona Liberal women (Dones LiD) and INLW organized an event on “the Empowerment of Women for sustainable development, The new agenda of the United Nations” in the beautiful building Palau […]

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Abidjan October 2012 – INLW General Meeting and INLW Management Board Meeting

Congress Theme: Promoting Private Investment – Enhancing Social Responsability During the Liberal International Congress in Abidjan INLW held its General Meeting, where new Board members were chosen and installed.

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INLW General Meeting and Board Meeting in Manila 2011

In conjunction with the 57th Liberal International Congress which was held in Manila from June 16th till June 20th 2011 INLW held its  General Meeting and Management Board Meeting at the Peninsula Hotel.  A Round Table was organized together with the CALD Women’s CAUCUS on the theme of  “Free and Fair Trade and Women’s Human […]

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INLW Board Meeting in Barcelona 2009

Since the ELDR Congress (the Liberal European Party Congress) was convening in Barcelona, INLW took the opportunity to celebrate a Management Board Meeting on 21 november 2009. INLW president would like to have a survey from liberal women’s organisations all over Europe on the actual accomplishment of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the […]

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