Below are all editions of our newsletter News Line.

News Line 23 (March 2012)
INLW Management Board Meeting 11th June 2010 Berlin/Germany. INLW Management Board Meeting 13th November 2010 Cape Town/South Africa in conjunction with LI Executive Committee Meeting. INLW Management Board Meeting 22 January 2011 in Barcelona. 55th CSW Session of the Commission on the Status of Women 22 Feb-4 March 2011 in New York. Human Rights Council Meeting in Geneva and a OMS Meeting on violence against women May 2011. Round Table together with CALD Women’s Caucus on “Free and Fair Trade and Women’s Human Rights” on 17th June in Manila. LI 57th Congress 17-20 June 2011 ManilaPhilippines on “Human Rights and Trade”. Cald women’s Caucus Workshop 11-14 August 2011 in Malacca/Malaysia. LI Executive Committee Meeting and in conjunction INLW Management Board Meeting 14-15th October 2011 in London. INLW representation at Freedom Prize Ceremony Award in Singapore/October 2011. INLW Vice-President Christine de Saint Genois had been selected

News Line 22 (January 2010)
INLW General Meeting May 17th 2008 Belfast/Northern Ireland. 61st Annual DPI/NGO Conference of the United Nations “Human Rights for all” held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris 3-5 September 2008 commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. INLW Management Board Meeting January 25th 2009 Strasbourg/France. 53rd CSW Session of the Commission on the Status of Women March 2009 in New York. INLW Management Board Meeting April 30th 2009 Vancouver/Canada. Isaiah Berlin Lecture September 2009/London Liberal Club. INLW Management Board Meeting November 21 2009 Barcelona/Spain. INLW General Meeting October 30th 2009 Cairo/Egypt. 54th CSW Session of the Commission on the Status of Women March 1-12 2010 in New York.

News Line 21 (March 2008)
INLW Management Board Meeting 26-27 January 2007: 51st Session of the Commission on the Status of Women 26 February- 9 March 2007 New York; INLW Board Management Meeting 30 April 2007 Cancun/Mexico; INLW Management Board Meeting 16 November 2007 Hamburg/Germany; LI Conference on Human Rights & CALD Assembly 8-10 December 2007 Taipei/Taiwan; 52nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women 25 February-7 March 2008 New York.

News Line 20 (November 2006)
UN Economic Commission for Europe 14-15 December 2004 Geneva; INLW Management Board Meeting 22 January 2005 Andorra; 49th Session of the Commission of the Status of Women 28 Feb-11 March 2005 New York; September 2005 INLW Report to Secretary General of the UN; INLW General Meeting 13 May 2005 Sofia/Bulgaria; INLW Management Board Meeting 4th  November 2005 Mallorca; 50th Session of the Commission of the Status of Women 27 Feb-10 March 2006 New York; INLW Management Board Meeting 23 June 2006 Manila/Philippines Liberal International Conference 21-23 July 2006 Cairo/Egypt; DPI/NGO Conference “Unfinished Business” 6-8 September 2006 New York; INLW General Meeting 11th November 2006.

News Line 19 (December 2004)
In News Line 18 we announced the Taiwanese Meeting as forthcoming event and that is where we continue today. INLW Kaoshiung and L.I. Executive Meeting March 2004 – Liberal International Asian Conference 4-6 March 2004 On 4/3/2004 instead of holding the Management Board Meeting, the Honourable Vice-president of Taiwan, Ms. Annette Lu, officially invited us in audience. Also present was Nobel Prize winner for peace, Ms. Betty Williams of Ireland as special guest of Ms. A. Lu. She was taking part in the presidential campaign promoting support for Annette Lu as vice-presidential candidate.

News Line 18 (February 2004)
INLW Board Meeting Casablanca, March 2003; INLW General Meeting Dakar Senegal, October 2003; New Management Board; INLW Board Meeting Dakar Senegal, October 2003; INLW Management Board Meeting Barcelona, January 2004; UN News; Special consultative status grant to INLW; 47th Commission of Status of Women, March 2003 New York; U.N. DPI/NGO 56th Conference, September 2003 New York ; Substantive Session of ECOSOC, July 2003 Geneva; Preparatory Session for the Summit on the Information Society, December 2003; INLW member and other news; forthcoming events.

News Line 17 (May 2003)
INLW Budapest General Meeting March 2002; 46th meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women; Caucus before the Commission; INLW Gibraltar Meeting; CEDAW and the CEDAW protocol; European support of gender equality; INLW groups and member news; INLW meeting Casablanca; INLW Website and e-mail address.

News Line 16 (January 2002)
Message from the chair; Massoud: an Afghan life; poverty, violence and terrorism report; Afghan women share their message of hope.

News Line 15 (October 2001)
Message from the Chair; message from the acting Secretary General; report of annual Meeting of UN Commission on the Status of Women, March 2001; Afghan women react.

News Line 14 (February 2001)
INLW General Meeting October 2000 Ottawa; officer’s report; elections Management Board members; INLW contribution to L.I. Congress; L.I. Congress; obituary of Secretary General of INLW, Marie-Thérèse Bianchi.

News Line 13 (October 2000)
Beatrice Rangoni Machiavelli, president of EU Economic and Social Committee is awarded prize “Woman who makes a difference”; Women’s Global Communication Network; Lituanian elections; Nomination of Mrs Annette Lu, Vice-president of Taiwan, patron of INLW; Joaquima Alemany, representing LI at 53rd annual Conference of non-governmental organisations New York.

News Line 12 (June 2000)
Women’s meeting Taipei; UN commission on the Status of Women February-March 2000; ECOSOC and CONGO.

News Line 11 (April 2000)
Federación Centroamericana de Mujeres Liberales; Congratulations to Mobina Jaffer; Secon world war forum; les françaises sont appelés à une journée de preparation à la defense;New Zealand: 106 years after reaching voting rights by women; Spain:domestic violence; Marcha mundial de mujeres; Angela Merkel elected as head of the CDU; please remember publications.

News Line 10 (February 2000)
Prize of Freedom 2000; Liberal International Executive Committee Meeting, 18-20 February; equal representation; new members; resolutions to L.I. Congress; Tarja Halonen :première femme élue Presidente en Finlande; optional Protocol to the CEDAW convention: its ratification; la parité entrera en vigueur dès les elections municipales de 2001; International support for women’s groups; publications.

News Line 9 (December 1999)
Beatrice Rangoni Machiavelli’s first year as president of the ESC; Albanian Liberal Democrat Women’s Organisation; Liberal International Human Rights Seminar; Violation of Human Rights in Iran; God the Mother; Woman of the Century; France elects its first woman leader of a mainstream political party; publications.

News Line 8 (October 1999)
Liberal International’s new acting President; new members; liberal women’s achievements; L.I. Executive Committee in Managua, September 1999; meeting with Nicaraguans Liberal Women; National Women’s Liberal; Commission: Montreal’s meeting; Women’s Rights Seminar; Barbro Westerholm new task; Female Genital Mutilation; Preparation for Beijing Plus Five; publications.

News Line 7 (August 1999)
Congratulations; new members; INLW call for liberation of Zulekha Mohamed; European Parliament; INLW Hall of Freedom; INLW visits; Millenium Campaigns; Honour-killings in Pakistan; IDEA; publications.

News Line 6 (June 1999)
Bruno Lacelle: wins INLW logo competition; European Parliament elections: Liberal women gains; Congratulations to Shinui; INLW welcomes our 15th group member; Panama elige su primera mujer presidente; congratulations to Eve de Roo van Alderwerelt and Willy Stigter; commission on Human Rights; Violence against Women; Uganda leader opposes FGM; Domestic violence in Turkey; e-mail directory; publications.

News Line 5 (April 1999)
INLW obtains member status, Liberal International approves equal representation, gender composition of delegations at L.I. Congress; INLW patrons; new members; optional protocol to the CEDAW adopted; the House of Lords held that gender-related violence is ground to grant refugee status; Secretary General of Liberal International; publications.

News Line 4 (January 1999)
INLW welcomes our 12th group member; INLW Women at work; congratulations; 1999 year of elections; UN Division for the Advancement of Women: questionnaire on implementation of the Beijing Platform; women and political action; publications.

News Line 3 (December 1998)
Prize for Freedom 1998; L.I. Executive Committee Meeting; 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights; INLW General Meeting: constitution change; Dutch Women’s Movement addressed the United Nations; Women’s Hall of Freedom; UN Commission on the Status of Women; Venezuela: mujeres celebran el dia de la No Violencia; European Parliament; publications.

News Line 2 (October 1998)
Congratulations; INLW Stauts with Liberal International; INLW Meeting; Estonian Women’s visit to UK Liberal Democrats Conference; Female Genital Mutilation; UN Commission on the Status of Women; ELDR; Domestic Violence; publications.

News Line 1 (June 1998)