INLW Board member, Ruth Richardson, is busy preparing for the UN Water Conference next year in March 2023 (March 22-24, 2023) in New York. You find hereby an attachment about her presentation and the presentation itself. This presentation was given at the Climate Summit COP27 in Egypt, November 2022. .

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at the Climate Summit, Ruth was in a panel discussion “Case Studies on Women in the Water and Sanitation Sector”, where she was allowed to give an online presentation about: “Invest in Women to tackle climate change and protect the environment” i.a. Wastewater treatment plants as a source of microplastic pollution and plastic waste.

She gave a brief talk about the history of wastewater treatment, about future challenges, pollution from plastic litter and microplastics in our wastewater treatment plants and about investing in women to tackle climate change and protect the environment.