At the Blue Economy Summit an event at which we wanted to connect leading figures from the world of science, institutions, entrepreneurship and finance we discussed the current status of the ocean and the urgent need to build a BLUE ECONOMY. INLW Board member, Ruth Richardson, had the opportunity to speak during the panel on “The role of the People in Cities and in Ocean Water”. She spoke about the role of Women in society, in the cities but also on the climate, among other things water and the ocean.

Women are the pioneers of a nation! According to a report of the United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, “Women constitute 50% of human resources, the greatest human resource next only to man, having great potentiality”. “That is why we must not forget to empower women by making use of their talent, their leadership, experience and their knowledge in this sustainable developing world we are living in. They are also the change makers, in the cities, in our society and in climate change”.

There were many other speakers such as Riccardo Bonadeo President of One Ocean Foundation; Vladimir Ryabinin Executive Secretary IOC-UNESCO; Sylvia Earle Oceanographer Mission Blue, explorer, author, and lecturer; Stefano Pogutz President of One Ocean Foundation’s Scientific Committee and my dearest friend and colleague Martina Rogato. She is one of the most influential and talented women I have ever met.

The conclusion is that even Women can change the course of our future. Our Ocean water is Life!

Ruth Richardson