Dear Madam/Sir,

Hereby I send you an article of one of our new INLW members from the Chapter Moroccoan article of one of our new INLW members from the Chapter Morocco. The article is written in French but hopefully many of you will still be able to understand it.
Moreover we are happy to tell you that INLW has been given the opportunity of holding a Parallel Event at the next 61st CSW conference in New York at the UN.

Our event has the title: Overcoming Challenges Facing Women in Business in this Changing World
The Event will take place at:
Date: 14 March
Time: 4:30 PM
Venue: Community Church of New York
Room: Chapel

Members who want to participate in the CSW conference can become member of our delegation. All cost have to be paid by the participant themselves.
Please make contact with us if you are interested, more information is available at the website of CSW.

We will keep you informed about this event and the speakers and panel who are going to participate. Our next GM will be held in Andorra on the 18th of May before the Liberal International conference (19/21 of May).

With kind regards,

Lysbeth van Valkenburg-Lely

Treasurer INLW