Letter to members

Hereby we are sending you all the documents for our INLW General Meeting to be held in Andorra on May 18th  2017 at 9 am in Hotel Roc Blanc.

If you are considering coming to Andorra to participate at our General Meeting as well as at the Liberal International 70th  Anniversary Congress you should inscribe for the Congress before 4 may it says on the inscription site! If you would like to participate as a delegate of INLW please let me know as soon as possible as there is a limit to the amount of delegates allowed per LI member (INLW can have 10 delegates).

For more information on the Congress please look at the LI website, www.liberal-international.org.

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Dear Madam/Sir,

Hereby I send you an article of one of our new INLW members from the Chapter Moroccoan article of one of our new INLW members from the Chapter Morocco. The article is written in French but hopefully many of you will still be able to understand it.
Moreover we are happy to tell you that INLW has been given the opportunity of holding a Parallel Event at the next 61st CSW conference in New York at the UN.

Our event has the title: Overcoming Challenges Facing Women in Business in this Changing World
The Event will take place at:
Date: 14 March
Time: 4:30 PM
Venue: Community Church of New York
Room: Chapel

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Wassenaar, October 2016

Dear members,

Hereby I would like to inform you on the last past activities where INLW was active. Please find that report in the attachment.

Also I would like to inform you about the coming events.
First INLW plans to take part in the 197th Liberal Executive Committee conference that will take place in Marrakech, Morocco from November 11th till the 13th. This Conference will be held In the margin of the UN Climate Change Summit, COP22 and under the patronage of Liberal International Vice-President on the Bureau, Minister of the Environment Hakima El Haité, who is also Deputy President of INLW. (COP22 is the Conference of Parties, the decision making organization of the UN Climate Treaty).
The 197th EC, which will have a special focus on the liberal approach to environmental policies fighting global warming and will draw together parliamentarians and liberals from around the world to discuss the 2017 Liberal Manifesto in the last statutory event ahead of the next LI Congress where the new 2017 Liberal Manifesto will be accepted.
Some of the INLW Board will attend the Conference and a Board meeting will be held.
Of course INLW who would like to attend the LI conference can find more information and subscription possibilities after September 30th on the LI website (www.Liberal-international.org).
INLW has submitted a resolution to the LI EX Com, on the role of women in climate change, see attachment.

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Wassenaar, September 12th 2016

Dear members,

The next Liberal International Executive Committee Meeting will take place in Marrakesh between 11 and 13th November 2016.
As a member of INLW you are welcome to attend.
Some members of the INLW Board will attend and we hope to have a gathering of members and interested women guests on the Sunday the 13th of November.
On the 11th of November there will be 2 events concerning women. First the NDI (National Democratic Institute based in the USA) together with LI and INLW will tackle the subject
“# Not the the Cost Campaign”, which is about violence in all forms against female politicians.

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Wassenaar, April 2016

Dear member,
As I mentioned in my last letter, we were present at the 60th Liberal International Congress in Mexico City, where we held our INLW General Meeting.
During this meeting some new members of our Board were installed.

Board INLW 29-10-2015
Our new Board consists of:
President: Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk, Netherlands;
Deputy President: Hakima El Haité, Morocco;
Secretary General: Mireia Huerta Sala, Spain;
Treasurer: Lysbeth van Valkenburg-Lely, Netherlands;
Vice Presidents: Kaba Fofana Yaya Fanta, Côte d’Ivoire; Marianne Kallen-Morren, Netherlands; Khadija El Morabit, Morocco; Patricia Olamendi, Mexico; Maysing Yang, Taiwan
Member: Leticia Gutíerrez, Mexico
Immediate Past President: Joaquima Alemany Roca, Spain

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Call to all members to pay their 2015 subsciption to INLW

Please do so as we need your support to continue our work. See hereunder on how to pay. N.B. Those members who will be in Mexico we urge to pay their yearly subscription as only members who have paid their 2015 subscription have voting rights.

Individual Membership fee is €15 ; Group Membership fee €150

Payable by International Money transfer to INLW account in Wassenaar, NL:

Name: Stichting INLW; Account number: BIC: ABNANL2A; IBAN: NL19ABNA0537746102.