Russian Human Rights Commissioner supported YABLOKO’s idea of establishing a post of Ombudsman for Women’s Rights


Based on the articles in Novaya Gazeta by Vera Yurchenko 


According to RIA Novosti, Tatyana Moskalkova, Russian Human Rights Commissioner, supported YABLOKO’s idea of establishing a post of Women’s Ombudsperson.  According to Moskalkova, this could enhance and balance the institution of the Commissioner in general. She also added that she advocated establishing the posts of special ombudsmen if people considered this necessary. Earlier YABLOKO had proposed to ​​establish the post of Commissioner for Women’s Rights. YABLOKO had proposed to create such a post both on the federal and the regional level within the framework of the alternative strategy for protection of women. “Due to the fact that shortly before “the International Women’s Day” 8 March the government approved its Strategy for Women, “we could not fail to respond to the adoption of such a document, since YABLOKO is the only registered Russian party with a Gender Faction,” Emilia Slabunova, YABLOKO Chair, said.   According to Slabunova, at a round table on 25 April, YABLOKO examined the government’s strategy and presented an alternative version, which included, among other things, the initiative to establish the institution of the Commissioner for Women’s Rights.

“The Ombudsman for Women’s Rights will have to ensure the implementation of the national strategy not in words but in deeds,” Slabunova said.

“Gender equality is an important task to achieve in Russia. A lot of problems have accumulated in the women’s community: wage inequality (women’s salaries constitute 2/3 of men’s wages), inadequate representation in government bodies, poor living conditions (millions of women in the country still carry water in buckets and rinse their clothes in ice-holes). The Commissioner should take up the solution of these problems,” Slabunova stressed. She also added that the party had been developing a set of proposals to improve the strategy for women and this alternative strategy should be submitted to the government soon. “This is another small step towards victory in the struggle for gender equality.          We in the Gender Faction spoke about the need to establish the post of Commissioner for Women’s Rights from the moment of foundation of our faction in 2006, and before that we had the Gender Commission. The Council for Consolidation of the Women’s Movement has been functioning since 2008. And now we have the official opinion of Tatyana Moskalkova.  “As I always say, little strokes fell great  oaks!” Galina Mikhaleva, Chair of the Gender Faction commented on the news.

Establishing of the post for the Commissioner for Women’s Rights, introduction of quotas for women in power and promotion of paternity – these and other measures are contained in the alternative strategy for women developed by YABLOKO. According to YABLOKO, the current strategy, approved by the government in March 2017, is declarative and does not contain specific measures to ensure equality between men and women.


Emilia Slabunova, Chair of Yabloko, and Olga Radayeva, Deputy Chair of Yabloko’s Gender Faction, were present at the congress of Liberal International in Andorra this May 2017


Juli Minoves