Abidjan 1
Congress Theme: Promoting Private Investment – Enhancing Social Responsability

During the Liberal International Congress in Abidjan INLW held its General Meeting, where new Board members were chosen and installed.

In conjuntion with the 58th Liberal International Congress held in Abidjan/Ivory Coast from October 18th till October 21st 2012, INLW held a General Meeting on the 18th,  and a Management Board Meetings on 17th as well as on 20th and 21st. Besides that a Panel Discussion  “The role of women in African countries building strong economies” with the subtitle “Does availability of financial services empower women? Which problems do they encounter? What else do they need and are they the most important actors to achieve strong economies?”

At the General Meeting a renewed Board was elected. President since 2003 Joaquima Alemany was obliged to step down having filled three terms in that post. Deputy President Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk was elected President. Vice President Hakima El Haité was elected Deputy President. Other new members are Maysing Yang, Vice President concentrating her work on Asia and taking this post over from Mu Sochua who stepped down; Khadija El Morabit who became Vice President concentrating  the MENA region; Fofana Kaba who became Vice President concentratiing on the Sub Sahara region of Africa. Fofana Kaba took over from Her Excellency Minister of Education fro the Ivory Coast, Kandia Camara who also was obliged to stand down. Kandia Camara was appointed to be  patron of  INLW. Soesila Verhagen was elected Deputy Assistant of the Board and she took over this post from Silvia Flury who also had to stand down from this post according to the Constitution.

Abidjan 2

The Panel Discussion on Sunday morning was  very animated. Around 80 women and some men participated actively in the discussion which followed the interventions made by the panellists.

First Board meeting energizes us!

Many participants of the Liberal International Congress took part actively in the Panel Discussion