UN NGO CSW66 Parallel Event on March 17th, 9:00PM EST

EVENT #1 12973 (120 min):
Government Policy for Substantial Carbon Reduction

Discussion Topics:
◆ Environmental protection and carbon reduction
◆ The environmental protection challenges under global warming
◆ What will the world look like the day after tomorrow?
◆ Government policy vs. economic benefits
◆ What can civil society do to address these challenges?

Parallel Event Description:
What kind of planet will we leave for the next generation? As the impacts of climate change become visible around the world, the need for action by world governments is becoming more urgent than ever. The pandemic created an additional crisis for decision makers, but it also offers opportunity for sweeping change. What are governments’ role in balancing economic recovery with environmental policy? Besides economic barriers, what barriers exist for governments to enact substantial change in carbon reduction — and how can they be overcome by citizen groups? We hope to discuss tools and strategies that can be used for the challenges ahead.

Join online: https://meet.google.com/ebc-quja-sfk