NGO CSW66 Parallel Event on March 18th, 9:00PM EST

EVENT #2 _ 12972 (120 min):
Challenges of Gender Equality in Leadership and Economic

Discusson Topics:
◆ Practical Issues of Gender Equality
◆ Fair game rules on the career path
◆ Better family support backup system
◆ Equal opportunities for important government positions
◆ During pandemic & Post pandemic period – women’s role to improve the world

Parallel Event Description:
Join us as we celebrate path-breaking women in leadership and discuss the real challenges that remain for gender equality and economic power. While some places are seeing greater participation of women in leadership roles, significant barriers prevent more women from entering the same ranks. Many women experience “double workload” pre- and post-pandemic. What rules need to change to prevent this? How can the “standard career path” narrative be changed for greater fairness? What can organizations do to create better “family support” and provide opportunities for decision-making positions and economic power to more women?

Join online: https://meet.google.com/ebc-quja-sfk