In this new year the Board met at Barcelona in preparation of several events that we are organizing this coming year. Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk-Groeneveld (President), Mireia Huerta Sala (Secretary), Lysbeth van Valkenburg-Lely (Treasurer), Marianne Kallen-Morren (Vice President), Ruth Richardson (Member) and Joaquima Alemany Roca (Past President) were present.

One of the decisions that the Board took was to appoint Vice President for MENA, Khadija El Morabit as Deputy President filling the vacancy of Hakima El Haiti who resigned on becoming Deputy President of LI. The Board decided to have the vacancy of Vice President for MENA filled by Mrs. Loubna Amhair until the next General Meeting.


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In March several members of the Board will be attending the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations (11th March – 23rd March) in New York.

There will be a parallel event organized by Liberal International, The National Democratic Institute and INLW on Friday 16th at 2.30 pm with the theme: “Pushing Back: Strategies for Combating Violence against Women in Politics”. One of the speakers will be the Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women (SRVAW) Mrs. Simonovic, which is a great honor!

THE SRVAW is preparing a report on violence against women in politics, whereby all sorts of violence on women in any political or government situation is relevant. She is calling upon all women who have had a situation either physical or on social media to respond, anonymously if required, through the incident report form which you can find with this link:

incident report form Please forward this to all your political friends who might be interested.

INLW board members will attend the LI executive meeting in spring.

This autumn during our next General Meeting several members of the Board will leave due to the end of their mandate on the board. The General Meeting will be held in Dakar, Senegal, most likely on the 29th of November during the next Liberal International Congress.

The vacancies on the Board are open to all members of INLW; after the summer the Board wil announce the names of the persons that the Board supports for the positions that are going to be vacant.

Consultative Committee of the Board

In Barcelona the Board has decided that on the coming resignation, due to the end of their mandate as members of the Board, Past President, Joaquima Alemany, and Vice President, Marianne Kallen-Morren, will be appointed in the Consultative Committee (consisting of past members of the INLW Board) according to our Constitution (art. 4.5).