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The Women7 Kick-off took place on the 20th of January. During this meeting our INLW Board member Ruth Richardson was elected as one of the co-chairs of the working group Climate Justice together with a lady from Italy.

Ruth Richardson
Board member INLW

New year – new challenges! I am happy to share with you that I will join the @women7official to elaborate demands to G7 leaders on gender equality and critically reflect on the outcomes of Germany’s G7 Presidency.

Women7 (W7) is a group of civil society organizations to promote proposals on gender equality and women’s right within the G7.

Its objective is to ensure that G7 leaders make concrete political and financial commitments with a tangible, lasting and transformative impact on the lives of #women and #girls in all their #diversity.

Looking forward to Germany’s W7 Presidency hosted by @deutscher_frauenrat.
Stay tuned and follow @women7official ! #Women7 #G7Ger #timetodeliver #W7empowers

Ruth Richardson
Board member INLW

Bold, new commitments from around the world to put gender equality at the forefront of climate action at COP26

Countries and non-state actors have come forward with new commitments and initiatives that will strengthen the resilience of women and girls in the face of climate-related impacts, while empowering them within climate action, at today’s COP26 Gender Day in Glasgow. These new commitments build upon in excess of USD 139 million in pledges already made towards the UN Women-convened Action Coalition on Feminist Action for Climate Justice, launched at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris in July.

During the ‘Advancing Gender Equality in Climate Action’ event held today, countries set out bold new steps and ambitious pledges to ensure climate action is gender-responsive and to improve women’s leadership and meaningful participation in climate action. Progress, from Generation Equality Action Coalition members and other actors, included:

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Committee on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) about the shadow report “Women’s Rights beyond Neutrality: in Words and in Action”

The report reflects the concerns and questions of civil society regarding women’s rights in the Netherlands. You can find the full report on the website of the Dutch CEDAW-Network:

Shadow report 2021 | Netwerk VN-Vrouwenverdag (vn-vrouwenverdrag.nl)

The Liberal International President, Dr Hakima el Haité, has shared the following message which we like to share with you all:

Today Hans van Baalen president of ALDE Party has passed away leaving behind a colossal legacy, hailed by the entire liberal political class.

A man who has dedicated his life to defending multilateralism, the union of Europe, human rights, states grounded in rights and based on equality.

He was more than a liberal politician, a righteous, inherently good man, a talented mediator who travelled the world to make his contribution to the building of peace.

He served in good health and continued to serve until the day before his death.
He died as a soldier.

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Yesterday the 22nd of March was the World Water Day. Liberal International wants to commemorate this across the membership of LI. As such, the LI CJC identified me as a valuable stakeholder, observing Water Day from the perspective of women’s access to water.

The importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment, particularly women’s economic empowerment is at the core of International Network of Liberal Women’s mandate.

This means: Enhancing the role of women as drivers of poverty reduction, promoting female investors and entrepreneurs, and recognizing the link between gender equality and safeguarding the environmental promotion of inclusive and sustainable environment, water and sanitation, and directly contributing to SDG 6 on clean water, clean environment, innovation and infrastructure and to SDG 5 on gender equality.

Our INLW Board member, Ruth Richardson, has recorded a short one-minute video on the subject.

As a member of the LI CJC Climate Justice committee, a meeting took place today, I was one of the attendees of our first zoom meeting of 2021.

This meeting was about CCJ Introduction and a setting of the next meeting

The Climate Justice Committee of LI has started this year in full swing. Having appointed our new Head of policy and programs, the work of the committee is expected to be fully reinstalled in 2021.

Mrs. Hakima made a general statement about the work for Climate Justice Committee and the importance of building our network and work.

In the meantime we will be focusing on the coming COP26 congress by preparing documents and policies for the COP26 and we will publish more of our work and show it to the rest of the members within LI and last but not least we will be inviting Key members to our CJC meetings.

The new leaders of CJC are Steven Lunares and Suzanne Rivero Baughman
With the first meeting scheduled for February, the committee will aim to meet once every two months.

Stay tuned for more substantial updates on our work!

Khadija Oum Bachair EL MORABIT was so honored as the Deputy President of INLW to assist at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Political Training Institute Amadou Gon Coulibaly in Ivory Coast on the 8th January 2021. She was there in the pesence of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ivory Coast Mr Alassan Ouattara.

She also had the privilege to participate at a high level panel amongst distinguished guests including the Former President of the Republic of Madagascar, the Former Prime Minister of Mali, the President of the African Liberal Network , the Executive Director of RHDP political party and the CEO of Africa 24 TV, about Youth and Political Governance Challenges in Africa.

On the 15th of January, she had her first zoom meeting as a member of the Liberal International Fair Trade Working Group (FTWG), as per the attached photo!