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Young city council candidates speak at APLW spring gathering

(Taipei, March 12, 2022) The Asia-Pacific Liberal Women Association (APLW) held its annual spring gathering in Taipei on March 12. The event was attended by 38 members.

Angel Wu, APLW secretary general, presented the calendar of activities for the coming year. Apart from an upcoming parallel meeting at NGO CSW66 this week, scheduled events include documentary screenings, a workshop on disinformation, and promotional events in the north, center, and south of Taiwan.

Participants gave their full support to three young APLW members who are running for seats in the Taipei City Council elections in November. All standing for the Democratic Progressive Party, the candidates are Chien Shu-pei, Chen Hsien-wei, and James Chan.

Addressing the gathering, the three candidates spoke about the impact of the war in Ukraine on the political situation in Taiwan, the shift toward liberal politics and values among the Taiwanese people, and the needs and aspirations of Taipei citizens.

In her opening remarks, APLW Chairperson Maysing Yang made a special point to welcome the male members of the APLW. She reminded everyone that, since its inception, the APLW has encouraged men to contribute to the work of the organization, according to the ideals of the global “HeForShe” campaign.

Currently, the APLW has a total of 60 members, eight of whom are men. Members have distinguished backgrounds in a range of fields, including business (22%), government (18%), politics (15%), academia (13%), NGOs (13%), health care (7%), media (5%), and others.

Spring gatherings are popular events in Taiwan to celebrate the beginning of the lunar new year. Companies, government agencies, and other organizations hold the banquets to thank their partners, employees, members, and customers.

NGO CSW66 Parallel Event on March 18th, 9:00PM EST

EVENT #2 _ 12972 (120 min):
Challenges of Gender Equality in Leadership and Economic

Discusson Topics:
◆ Practical Issues of Gender Equality
◆ Fair game rules on the career path
◆ Better family support backup system
◆ Equal opportunities for important government positions
◆ During pandemic & Post pandemic period – women’s role to improve the world

Parallel Event Description:
Join us as we celebrate path-breaking women in leadership and discuss the real challenges that remain for gender equality and economic power. While some places are seeing greater participation of women in leadership roles, significant barriers prevent more women from entering the same ranks. Many women experience “double workload” pre- and post-pandemic. What rules need to change to prevent this? How can the “standard career path” narrative be changed for greater fairness? What can organizations do to create better “family support” and provide opportunities for decision-making positions and economic power to more women?

Join online: https://meet.google.com/ebc-quja-sfk

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UN NGO CSW66 Parallel Event on March 17th, 9:00PM EST

EVENT #1 12973 (120 min):
Government Policy for Substantial Carbon Reduction

Discussion Topics:
◆ Environmental protection and carbon reduction
◆ The environmental protection challenges under global warming
◆ What will the world look like the day after tomorrow?
◆ Government policy vs. economic benefits
◆ What can civil society do to address these challenges?

Parallel Event Description:
What kind of planet will we leave for the next generation? As the impacts of climate change become visible around the world, the need for action by world governments is becoming more urgent than ever. The pandemic created an additional crisis for decision makers, but it also offers opportunity for sweeping change. What are governments’ role in balancing economic recovery with environmental policy? Besides economic barriers, what barriers exist for governments to enact substantial change in carbon reduction — and how can they be overcome by citizen groups? We hope to discuss tools and strategies that can be used for the challenges ahead.

Join online: https://meet.google.com/ebc-quja-sfk

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Dear LI Membership,

There are just three days left to register for our virtual panel at the UN Commission on the Status of Women on Monday, March 14, 8AM EDT / noon GMT. 

“Political Women Addressing Gender, Climate Change & Conflict” brings together female political and climate leaders from around the globe to discuss the solutions for the impact of climate change and conflict on continuing gender inequality and women’s disempowerment and what meaningful access to the policy spaces where decisions are made should look like.

Hakima el Haité (opening remarks) – President of Liberal International
Gloria Hutt – Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications of Chile, participating on behalf of Red Liberal de América Latina (RELIAL)
Jayanthi Balaguru – President of INLW and Chairperson of CALD Women’s Caucus
Mphatso Jumbe – Founder and Executive Director MOVE, Managing Director/Owner, Mafe Dairy Farm.
Susanna Rivero-Baughmann – Foreign Affairs & Cooperation Advisor, Ministry for Environment & Sustainability in the Government of Catalonia
Birgitta Ohlsson (moderator) – Director of National Parties, National Democratic Institute

Don’t miss out, join us on Monday, March 14, 8am EST for #CSW66. 

Register here: Webinar Registration – Zoom

Kind regards,
Irene Irene Wang | Human Rights Programme Officer
Liberal International | 
1 Whitehall Place, London – SW1A 2HD

The Women7 Kick-off took place on the 20th of January. During this meeting our INLW Board member Ruth Richardson was elected as one of the co-chairs of the working group Climate Justice together with a lady from Italy.

Ruth Richardson
Board member INLW

New year – new challenges! I am happy to share with you that I will join the @women7official to elaborate demands to G7 leaders on gender equality and critically reflect on the outcomes of Germany’s G7 Presidency.

Women7 (W7) is a group of civil society organizations to promote proposals on gender equality and women’s right within the G7.

Its objective is to ensure that G7 leaders make concrete political and financial commitments with a tangible, lasting and transformative impact on the lives of #women and #girls in all their #diversity.

Looking forward to Germany’s W7 Presidency hosted by @deutscher_frauenrat.
Stay tuned and follow @women7official ! #Women7 #G7Ger #timetodeliver #W7empowers

Ruth Richardson
Board member INLW

Bold, new commitments from around the world to put gender equality at the forefront of climate action at COP26

Countries and non-state actors have come forward with new commitments and initiatives that will strengthen the resilience of women and girls in the face of climate-related impacts, while empowering them within climate action, at today’s COP26 Gender Day in Glasgow. These new commitments build upon in excess of USD 139 million in pledges already made towards the UN Women-convened Action Coalition on Feminist Action for Climate Justice, launched at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris in July.

During the ‘Advancing Gender Equality in Climate Action’ event held today, countries set out bold new steps and ambitious pledges to ensure climate action is gender-responsive and to improve women’s leadership and meaningful participation in climate action. Progress, from Generation Equality Action Coalition members and other actors, included:

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Committee on the Elimination of discrimination against women (CEDAW) about the shadow report “Women’s Rights beyond Neutrality: in Words and in Action”

The report reflects the concerns and questions of civil society regarding women’s rights in the Netherlands. You can find the full report on the website of the Dutch CEDAW-Network:

Shadow report 2021 | Netwerk VN-Vrouwenverdag (vn-vrouwenverdrag.nl)