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Leticia Gutierrez/Fouzia El Bayed/Lysbeth van Valkenburg/Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk/Jeroen Lorist/Patricia Olamendi/Juliana Nikolova

During this year’s UN CSW (Commission on the Status of Women) in New York between 13th – 24th of March 2016 the International Network of Liberal Women participated in several side-events and also organised 2 events.

Together with LI, UNWatch the event on March 14th discussed the challenges which remain to promote and advance women’s rights globally and ending Violence against Women and Girls.

Our INLW vice-president Khadija El Morabit, Mu Sochua, MP of the Cambodian Parliament, President of the Women’s Caucus of the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats; Susan Tahmasebi, Iranian women’s rights activist and Nohemy Johnson-Hincapie, Student at Principia College participated in this event. Khadija El Morabit gave voice to the MENA perspective of violence against Women and Girls. As Liberals our message has always been that violence against women must stop.

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From left to right: Juliana Nikolova, President Women Forum Liberal Democratic Party, Macedonia
Fouzia El Bayed, Member of Parliament, Union Constitutionelle, Morocco
Patricia Olamendi, Vice President INLW Latin America, Int’l consultant UN Women, Nueva Allianz, Mexico
Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk, President INLW, moderator
Lysbeth van Valkenburg, Tresurer INLW
Jeroen Lorist, advisor Rutgers. Prevention + Engaging men to prevent gender based violence
Leticia Guttierez, member Board INLW, Chairman of women faction of Nueva Allianza, Mexico

Ready for our parallel event to be held during 60th CSW at the UN in the Church centre 10th floor on Tuesday 8.30!

Subject: “from Istanbul Convention to Implementation: Addressing Violence against Women at different levels after a fruitful pre meeting.

We hope for a very animated morning with fruitfull discussion.

President of the International Network of Liberal Women (INLW), Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk, has delivered a joint LI-INLW statement to the 27th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on September 15th 2014. She stated that the Istanbul Convention on Preventing and Eliminating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence should be adopted in a Global Framework. Her text which was shortened when spoken is to be found under the link to the actual video of her oral statement.

The original non shortened message of the campaign which INLW and LI want the international community to hear is:

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INLW was represented with a delegation at the 57th CSW from 4th till 15th of March 2013. The theme of this CSW was “Preventing and Eliminating all forms of violence against Women and Girls”.

INLW submitted a written Statement and also an oral Statement which was handed over to Minister of International Development of the UK, Mrs Lynn Featherstone on Monday March 4th at the Permanent Mission of the United Kingdom by Margaret de Vos van Steenwijk, INLW President and Marissa Florensa INLW Secretary General. INLW was also represented at CSW  by Christine de Saint Genois, INLW Vice President

2013 INLW written Statement CSW 57th